Match report by Dylan Castell

Sunday 11 January

This week we played Worcester Park Colts.  We started nicely and rallied all the attacks that came at us from their kick off. The pace of the game was quite quick at times but occasionally slowed down a bit. The first goal conceded was about 10 minutes before the end of the first half. Our heads dropped a bit and we came off a bit annoyed.In the second half we were dominating the pitch much more than before, and we were playing the ball better, getting the ball back and getting back to the defence. There were many free kicks and corners taken by the two teams and Worcester Park Colts managed to score whilst taking a free kick. Their player took the free kick from outside the box, shooting it into the bottom right hand corner of the goal, going through all our players. They scored again a while after that due to some confusion at the back.  Our heads really dropped after that. Luckily Enrico got a penalty and managed to get us back into the game.

Later there was a big commotion as Joe tackled a boy from the other team, but got a punch to the face for doing so. The boy got sent off and the game finished. The end score was a 3-1 loss.