Match Report by Jayden Gill

15th February 2015

After an excellent performance last week from the Sharks, we were looking to continue this run into our next game against CB Hounslow United. However we turned up to find that we only had 11 men with no substitutes, which can sometimes prove to be tricky for us.
But as soon as the whistle blew we proved to be the dominant side, with our first goal coming from Francis. He used the width of the pitch to his advantage, and, skilling up a few of their players on the way, he nipped round the keeper and placed the ball in the back of the net. A truly “Frantastic” finish.
Our second goal came minutes later with Ben playing the through ball to Francis. He ran down the pitch and played the ball into Charlie for the sweaty goal. But Charlie hit the bar, and then Joe followed it up but he hit the bar too . Luckily the ball bounced off the bar into the net. 2-0.
About 15 minutes before the end of the first half, CB Hounslow came on the attack. It was a 1 on 1 and the player placed the ball around me, but Joel from out of nowhere rescued the ball from going in and put it out for a corner.
Minutes later they were on the attack again. It was yet another 1 on 1; their attacker went for the shot and I put myself in the way and prevented the goal. The ball was then played to Ben who played a one two with Francis. Ben then played the through ball and Francis made it 3-0.
A couple of minutes later, Joe played the cheeky chip from the edge of the box over the keeper to make it 4-0. Ben was unlucky with a left foot volley from the edge of the six yard box — an excellent save from the CB Hounslow keeper was produced.
After halftime we knew that CB Hounslow would try to get a quick goal and become more ruthless as they were 4-0 down. About 2 minutes in Gabriel was shoved over in the box and a penalty was awarded, but unfortunately he missed due to a tremendous save from their keeper.
The next 20 minutes were very matched with each team on the attack each proving deadly. Until the moment when CB Hounslow were on the attack, when Enrico leapt in and got the ball off their player and out of anger the boy went two footed in with studs up and only got a yellow card. It was truly an outrageous tackle.
Minutes later Rory accidentally caught a player in a dangerous area for a free kick. They placed the ball into the box and it was a mad scramble. The ball bounced to the edge of the box and one of their players did a left and volleyed the ball into the top corner.
The game ended 4-1 and it was an excellent performance from all the players. Well done to the goal scorers and the fantastic team spirit from everyone.