November 22, 2015

Match report by Alejandro 

It was a very chilly afternoon but besides that, the Sharks approached this game quite comfortably in defiance of losing against them before; but that did not stop us from playing our best. Thanks to the atmosphere of the spectators, it  increased the Sharks motivation.

The match kicked off.  Immediately we created pressure in the midfield and for the next 15 minutes we had most of the possession, creating chances and pushing Dundonald’s defence back. At first stamina lacked for the Sharks and our possession decreased. As soon as our managers realised this was happening, this led to them making substitutions. The defence were wide awake and for this reason we received the ball several times creating chances which could lead to a goal. As a result of all the players’ hard work we finally found a goal, thanks to Sylvester with an amazing finish.

We were quite overwhelmed after the goal, but it did not mean it would be an easy game, As the first half had 10 minutes left, Dundonald’s counter-attack dismayed our whole team and caused us to make mistakes.  Soon after Jayden had a good try to stop a shot but could not anticipate the speed of it. Everyone in the team were working very hard to score another goal but it did not come for us. By the end of the first half both teams were very similar but we knew the second half was still to come and we had a chance to win this game.

The second half kicked off with repeatedly pressuring the ball, once again gaining possession, creating multiple chances: the momentum of the sharks continued to increase. As the Sharks pushed the defence of Dundonald, Josh played a smart ball across to Alejandro, taking an attempt on goal but being blocked. As soon as the ball was out of reach of the defense, Alejandro was determined to take the ball and take another attempt. Surprisingly the Dundonald left back slid in taking his legs, which caused a penalty. He was willing to step up for the penalty but the end result was not what the Sharks were looking for as it was a miss.

The Sharks’ heads were still up and they were motivated more than ever to deserve this win. The Dundonald’s striker challenged Jayden who was strong enough to stay tall and get the ball off the player. After brilliant play down the wings and great crosses by Sylvester another great opportunity came along to score, but the opposition goalie made two excellent saves, one from close range (Sylvester’s shot) and one from just outside the area (Alejandro’s shot) — the later proving to be a top drawer save. However the goalkeeper’s heroics were short lived as the Sharks’ attack momentum proved to be too much for the opposition, and forced their defenders to make mistakes which materialised as another penalty. Alejandro being taken out of the equation for this one, up came Martin full of confidence.  It was not an easy task — lots of pressure — but he rose to the occasion putting the ball where no goalkeeper could reach.  Outstanding.
Dundonald kept the pressure going and the last few minutes were crucial, seeing every single Sharks player pulling their weight defensively.  Overall, it was a great performance by the whole Sharks team, which I believe can go all the way to win the league if we keep ourselves motivated. A well deserved victory. Well done Sharks.