Sunday 4 January 2015

Match Report by Joel Cumberbatch

It was the first match after the holidays and we started off slowly. Old Isleworthians played the better game in the first half, showing this by scoring four goals. The first goal conceded was when they had a corner; the ball got played back to their number 14 who scored in the top left. Their second goal was more skillful. Their number 9 glided past our defense and tapped it in. Two more goals followed after that.

The second half was way more even. We scored the first goal with Enrico, who shot the ball into the bottom left. Then Old Isleworthians came back when the ball was passed back to the goalkeeper who miskicked the ball due to the uneven ground. The ball was retrieved by their number 9 who tucked it into the bottom left corner of the net.

The match ended 1-5 to Old Isleworthians.