Match Report by Enrico 

After winning 5-0 in our last game against Whitton Wanderers, we tried to continue the momentum into our next game in Croydon against Wallington Wanderers. We knew before the game that it was going to be one of our toughest opponents, as they are one of the best teams in the league. Despite this, the Sharks tried to gain focus after travelling a long way to play on a slightly smaller pitch than usual.

After a few early chances being expertly saved by our fairly new signing Jayden a through ball was pinged through the opposition forcing a good tackle to be made. The ball was bouncing around in the penalty box before Luca, unfortunately tried to clear the ball, hitting Joel on the arm. It was a penalty. Their striker placed the ball into the left hand corner as Jayden guessed the wrong way.

After good play between Gabby, Nile, Phin, Charlie and I we managed to put in a few through balls which to our disappointment were handled well by their goalkeeper. With fantastic, flying tackles, left and right from Rory and Joel another through ball was put through. The Wallington striker rounded our keeper and put the ball into the net. At halftime it was 2-0 but we held our heads high.

In the second half, five minutes after the break another ball was put through for the Wallington striker to finish and unfortunately for us, he slotted the ball into the bottom corner. Fresh legs came on for the Wallington team and it was only now that the Sharks started to suffer because of no substitutes. After a free kick was blasted into our wall of Ben and Joel the ball came to a Wallington player who volleyed the ball into the top corner.

To our frustration, the Wallington team came in with rough tackles especially on Alejandro, who stayed down for a minute after being studded in the stomach. We gained our composure, and started playing better football again. Just before the final whistle, the opposition scored a 1 on 1 which was quite unfortunate. Even though the final result was 5-0, we played better than the score sheet showed.