September 14, 2014
Match report written by Phin Purton
Today’s match was our first league match of the season.  It was a rude awakening to the standard of the division, and was certainly not the best performance of the 4 years Sharks have been smashing noobs.
We had trouble waking up at the beginning, conceding early into the first half, and then later in the half conceding two goals in reasonably quick succession.  However we found our feet slightly in the second half, and with the rotation of players we quickly took over the possession to the point where you could even say we were unlucky to lose.
We did have chances, but we were clinically lacking up top, as shot after shot barely missed.  We scored one goal, mid way through the second half, as Gabby tucked home an exemplary strike sending the crowd wild! Our closest miss came at the last kick of the game, when Ben’s beauty of a free kick, dipping and curling, hit the far post, denying him a second free-kick goal since January.

We were unlucky to lose by two. I believe it was a slightly closer match than that after we figured out how to tackle their star player.

All round, an acceptable performance for an opening game.