Ray – “I scored all 16 goals. Most of them Messi style slaloms through the middle. Back to reality, or at least my recollections of….I think Jim scored the first couple, crucially turning the tide in our favour. We went 3-0 up, they scored a penalty, Sean maybe put us 4-1 up and we led 7-4 at half time. They spent a lot of time in our half hammering free-kicks into us and then getting a follow up free-kick because the ball deflected over head height and I recall their first goal was a penalty – I think I conceded (whoops) by treading in the area. All in all 3 of their goals were penalties. We were awarded one penalty during the game, the execution was quite memorable but I’ll say no more. They had a serious team huddle at half time but we scored the next couple and then kept them at arms reach to win 16-10.  . In terms of goal scorers, not sure exactly. Gary probably on the score sheet and the strong Polish spine of the team contributed most of the rest. Victor was top notch between the sticks. Kudos to all who played and those who were there in spirit!” – Ray White

“My recollections are similar to Ray.We got off to a good start, and despite the unfamiliar rules of the game(for most of us),and particularly no players allowed in the D, we adapted well to the conditions(as they say). We played some good passing football, put away most of our chances, and went in at half time in a deserved lead. After scoring several more goals soon after the restart, I had a sense that we were starting to impose ourselves on the opposition, who at this point were in some disarray and starting to argue amongst themselves. Nevertheless they rallied, assisted by a number of penalty kicks, and consistent pressure.
However they were not able to sustain this momentum and for the last 15-20 minutes we were defensively stronger, and our attacks purposeful and penetrative: again some well taken goals and surging runs.I thought the final score was 16-8 or 16-9.Thoroughly enjoyed the occasion, and thanks to everyone for your commitment, energy,enthusiasm and resolve.” – 

“Good effort Ray and Jim. For the record, official score line was recorded as 18:11 to Sharks dads. Well done to all. Orange dads already are planning to challenge us on 11-a-side game. I look forward to it.” – Andrzej