Sunday Sept 12th . Great performance by everyone today 6-0, Jakub thanks for going in goal. In the warming up before today’s match some of us noticed the height difference between the “Pumas and Sharks”,however, like I said “we may be smaller but very skillful” in the end it did really show our commitment. As the game started we were focussed and eager to win, every single one of the players gave 110%. their passing was just breath taking(if you consider they are under 10) shooting and set pieces looked magnificent and I know there is still a lot of room to continue improving. Two goals by Nile, Two by Ben, one bullet header by Wiktor and an outstanding cross by Martin. Our defence looked rock solid most of the game,even though they did not have many challenges coming by. Alejandro picked up an injury,but nothing serious, just a bit sore foot that was all. A big thank you to all parents for attending our first home league match, finally , I would like to thank Vince and Damien for their commitment and refereeing, congratulations to all and keep it up! Looking forward to the next match.
Regards, Victor.