Match Report by Ben Parsonage.

A pleasant start to the 2014/15 season for the Sharks as we won our second game running out of three.

After the Merseyside and North London derbies, it was time for the Twickenham derby. The game began with balls going from box to box right from the off. It was an extremely even game in the first half before Gabriel beautifully touched down a throw-in and delivered a quality cross which came off a defender, and into the net: 1-0. The first half was coming to a close, but not before the Tigers equalized. A wonder strike that flew past Freddie and into the back of the net made it 1-1 before the whistle blew. Anyone would have bet on another equal half, and they would be right – for the first ten minutes. An exquisite and perfectly timed through-ball from Enrico led Gabriel on to his second of the day. 2-1.  This goal appeared to open the flood gates for the Sharks, and after the gates had opened, they didn’t close.

Enrico’s first goal for the Sharks wasn’t too shabby. He whipped in a lovely knuckle-ball shot into the bottom left corner to make it 3-1.

Momentum was growing only to be lost by a sloppy goal given away to Twickenham Tigers – 3-2.

5 goals, but the Sharks weren’t done yet. Gabriel was searching for a hat-trick and found the perfect chance when Joe’s shot bounced on the line and rolled back to Gabriel’s feet for his hat-trick and his 6th goal this season.

The final goal came from an inch-perfect cross delivered by Sylvester, our new found full-back. Slotted home by the cool Nile to make it 5-2 to Sharks, final score.

A seven goal thriller and a derby to remember.