A really tough away fixture for the Sharks to finish the season, against the champions elect, Old Isleworth. One of the standout teams in the Division, Isleworth have been steadily making their way to the top of the table as they’ve played their games in hand (it’s always a giveaway that a team is good when their fixtures pile up: it generally means they’ve done well in both the league cup and the county cup).

Despite that the Sharks worked very hard first half and were only really undone by the ferocious wind which played a huge part in both the Isleworth goals. While they dominated play, and made it hard for the Sharks to get their passing game going in midfield, Isleworth could only score past the excellent Jayden twice, so at half time it was only 2-0.

With the wind to come in our favour second half, we had every chance to push on and try to win the half and maybe even the match. Sadly, Isleworth had had a bit of a rocket at half time and they came out of the blocks quickly and aggressively. They slowly added to their tally during the half and finished with a slightly flattering 5-0 scoreline.

The Sharks worked hard all game and their heads never dropped which is great to see this season. The spirit remains strong and they kept plugging away until the final whistle. The Sharks created one or two openings second half, but Isleworth have some comfortable, accomplished defenders and they managed to snub out any danger when it appeared. Even the wind seemed to be less hazardous second half.

And so the curtain fell on what’s been a fairly tough season in a very mixed division. I think we’ve found our feet though and know what’s required now; strength, technique and skill all over pitch. The boys have reacted very well to the challenges and at times we’ve seen some great performances. I think they’ll be older, wiser and better equipped to take Division 2 by storm next season.

Thanks for your efforts boys and thanks to all the parents for your help and support. Thanks especially to Ray, Jim, Simon, Sean and Nick for running the line this year.

Have a great summer all.