The boys have been training alongside the Junior Bees Under 9s at Whitton Sports Centre the past couple of weeks, so a casual friendly was arranged last Tuesday.

Victor kindly gave us this report from the night:

A very interesting friendly against Junior bees U9s. Illness meant the Sharks only had 7 players available.

I decided to play a 3-1-2 formation, as none of the boys wanted to play as a defender apart from Alejandro, who was unfortunately feeling unwell and it showed during the game as he was not his usual self.

Overall the Sharks kept on playing good passing football, and there were some moments of brilliance with one to one plays.

The final score was 6-1 to the Sharks, with goals from Gabriel, Nile, Ben, Jakub (2) and Wiktor.  Rory and Alejandro both came close too.

The Junior Bees manager said that our boys played well and he thought his boys would have done better as they played the Under 10 Junior Bees a couple of weeks ago and got a 1-1 draw.  So I guess he was perhaps expecting a win from his side.

It was a good match to watch and it was a great opportunity to try some of the boys out of their usual positions.